‘School of One’

This site is interesting. The tagline says: ‘Reimagining the classroom to meet the needs of every student.’ A great ideal, but does it work? It seems to. See the links below:

School of One

School of One 2011 brochure (pdf)

I like some of the ideas, especially the points about personalising learning for each student. One of the points is that they teach groups who are at the same skill level. The way I understand it, the students might differ in ages and abilities, but the learning is broken down into required skills, and all those who need to learn that skill learn it at the same time. So the groups learning each skills will be different, instead of having a class group all learning the same skills at the one time, whether they are ready for that or not.

Would this work in the VET sector? It would be ideal. Of course, 1-1 delivery and on-the-job assessments can be taliored to meet the learners needs, but often content is presented in a classroom/theory room. The current classroom delivery models seems to be that the group enrolled into a unit learns the same things all together, whether they are ready for that or not. Some will be, some wont be, and others may already know it. Yet everyone has to go through the content at the same time. This is perhaps the most practical for the provider, but may not be best for the individual learner.

The models found at the School of One might be something to explore to apply to VET. It would be a challenge to get the logistics right, but it would pay off for the learners.


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