QR Codes

This week a discussion about QR codes came up. We had looked at this a couple of years ago, for a project we were involved in, and there were some issues with getting some devices to download the software to read the code. This week, we had another ‘explore’ to see what might have changed. It seems that it’s now easier to get the software downloaded, and in the (very small) test we did, it worked fine. Some information on QR codes can be found at:

QR codes – Wikipedia

How QR Codes can grow your business socialmediaexaminer.com article

Beware of malicious QR codes abc.net.au article

There is a big difference between now and a couple of years ago in the amount of data available about QR codes and how they can be used. I havent come across their use for learning as yet, but someone is undoubtedly working on this right now! How do you think they might be used?


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