Have you heard of these acronyms in relation to learning? What they mean is:

JIT – just in time
JIC – just in case
JFM – just for me

The first and last are the ideal for learning, yet the middle one is the easiest, and what most end up getting. For most people, a lot of training is provided for just in case you need it. True, some of the information provided is relevant, but not all of it. It may be down the track, but not right now. However, this is the easiest for providers to deliver, get a group of learners and ‘teach’ them all the same thing at the same time. Logistically sound, but not always the best for the learner.

Just in time learning is all about learning what we need when we need it. A lot of informal learning happens this way – when you need to know something you look it up, or Google it. This type also tends to be just for you, no one else needs to know that information right then. But logistically, this is difficult to deliver, how do you provide a group of learners what they need when they need it?

We retain information better when we apply it, so JIT and JFM learing is the best option. This is where technology can play a role, and the role needs to change from ‘teacher’ to ‘facilitator’. The information is available, either on a platform such as a LMS, CD or similar, or on the internet. Instead of ‘teaching’, the facilitators role is now to assist the learner in finding what they need for when they need it.


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