Innovation and e-learning

Many people equate e-learning with innovation, perhaps because its seen as something ‘new’. Defining innovation is a bit like defining e-learning – it means different things to different people. While we can argue about what words mean, perhaps the ideal is to make sure that we do what needs to be done to help both the learner and the provider, so at some point, whatever you call ‘innovation’ has to be integrated into your organisation.

A few years ago, the Framework did some work around ’embedding’ e-learning into practice. One of the results was the work by Marie Jasinski, in a report titled ‘Innovate and integrate Embedding innovative practices’. It’s worth a look. See:

Innovate and integrate Embedding innovative practices

One of the points made is that implementation of e-learning requires support. While some facilitators can see the benefits for their learners, without systemic support from their organisation, these facilitators will struggle to fully integrate e-learning into delivery.


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