‘Look for ideas everywhere’

A recent post about the pillars of innovation included one suggestion to get ideas from everywhere. Our learners are a good source of ideas, but how can you capture these? There are some free tools that can be used.

Surveys are one tool. I know not everyone likes completing surveys, but they can be a good way of getting data. There is also a bit or work in working out what questions you want to ask, and how to frame them so that they make sense to the participants. The link below is to an article that compares three survey tools:
Three Popular Online Survey Tools – What They Give For Free

Another option is to use a tool where people can add notes to a site. This is much more informal and therefore isn’t as organised as surveys, but some may like this option. One tool is en.linoit.com, which allows users to add ‘sticky notes’ to a board. The boards can be made public, or limited to invited groups.


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