Does education need an upgrade?

In the article linked below, Virginia Heffernan writes on the subject of whether education needs an upgrade to get learners ready for the ‘digital age’. Virginia quotes figures that indicate that many of todays learners will be working in jobs that don’t even exist today. Read the article at:

Education Needs a Digital-Age Upgrade

Did you read the comments as well? These can give an idea of the range of views people have about the subject, and they vary widely.

So what does this mean? Much will depend on your point of view. I think one of the issues is how do we design and deliver learning for something we don’t yet know. We cannot do that effectively. But we can give learners the skills they need to get ready for it, even if what we have to deliver now is limited by training packages or curriculum. One to do this is to help them learn how to learn, then they will be able to learn what they need when they need it (just in time learning).

This is best done by being a facilitator, helping the learners in ways that suit them. Use technology as a tool. Incorporate the use of technologies where appropriate, but help the leaner see that the tech is a tool to learn what is needed, not the end in itself.


One Response to Does education need an upgrade?

  1. Very touchy subject. It is tough to argue that classic reading and writing skills will be obsolete down the road (very doubtful,) but I don’t think anyone will deny that times are changing and education strategies should be altered accordingly to best prepare students for emerging industries and the companies that will need them.

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