Converting files to EPUB format

One of the formats for e-books is the EPUB format. The format provides ‘flowable content’, which means that the content will adapt its presentation to the device that it appears on.

Yesterday we did a trial in converting a .pdf file to .epub, using one of the many free converters found on the web. It was surprisingly easy, and it worked quite well. It was also very easy to get the file to open in iBook on the iPad. The main issue is that the images didnt convert, but this appears to be because we had used screen shots in the original document converted to pdf, instead of actual images.

While reading any file on a screen has its issues, reading epub files on a tablet isn’t too bad. The portability of the tablet has many advantages, and it does save having an extra ‘thing’ to carry if you want to read the file/book.

For a comparison of the variety of e-book formats available, see the link below;

Comparison of e-book formats (Wikipedia article)


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