Converge summary

Lat week, we went to Converge, the annual elearning conference. This has been held every year for the last seven years, and we missed the last two, so it was great to be able to attend in 2011.

The first keynote was by Dr Denise Meyerson from Management Consultancy International on the top 8 trends in workplace learning. There were also a number of concurrent sessions. It would have been great to be able to go to them all!

It was an excellent event, and we gained much from it. Some of it was reinforcement of what we already knew, and there was exposure to new thoughts and tools.

A couple of key points that I picked up is that we need to make sure learning ‘sticks’, otherwise it doesn’t have an impact. This can be a challenge, but can be done by putting more thought into the design and delivery of learning. A related point is that learning doesn’t happen in isolation, but needs to be contextualised to where it will be used. This will help it ‘stick’.

As we digest the information, there will be more from Converge appearing here. If you were able to attend, share your thoughts with us.


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