This blog is all about Learning and Training technologies, and how they can be used. The focus is on the Vocational Education & Training (VET) sector, but it goes across all levels of eductaion. It covers a wide range of topics, and aims to inform about what is happening in these areas. The information may not be a solution in itself, but provides opportunities to open up discussion around how the technologies discussed may be applied to provide a solution to an issue.

My name is Peter Verrion, and I call myself a Learning Solutions Facilitator, as that is what I do; facilitate solutions for a range of learning and training problems. I work for a number of clients doing different things, including teaching at TAFE, resource development & implementation and e-learning strategic planning.

See the ‘Definitions‘ page for more information on what some of these things mean.

See the How… page to find out how to use the blog, or aspects of it.

If you want to catch up to see how we can help find solutions to your issues, get in touch. Use the contact details below:

Peter Verrion
Learning Solutions Facilitator
Learning Environment Support Services
Ph: 0467 922 331
E: admin[at]learningenvironmentsupport.com.au (replace ‘[at]’ with the ‘@’ symbol to make the email work)

Disclaimer 1. The links used in this blog are for information only, and don’t necessarily mean that I support or am promoting one site/product/etc. above another. My views are written in the blog posts, the links are for your information, and it is up to you to decide what you think of that information, and also for you to decide if you want to follow any further links on those sites.
Disclaimer 2. I do have an iPad2, and I like it. I also have a Dell laptop running Windows 7. While it may seem that some of the posts lean heavily towards Apple products, it’s because the iPad is new, and I am enjoying learning about how it can be used. Of course, this may change in the future 🙂


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