Kids & technology

An interesting article:

5 things my 4-year-old taught me about technology

I know that my grandson (now 3 1/2) is comfortable with the technology, and is able to use his dads iPhone and iPad in ways I am still coming to grips with! These kids are growing up exposed to technology as a part of every day life.


Adaptive learning

Wouldn’t it be great if learning could be adapted to suit individual learners? This is the ideal, and technology may be able to play a role here. The following links have more information about a platform aiming to do this:

Knewton, The Adaptive Learning Company, Receives $33 Million To Revolutionize Learning (includes video –

Power your content with the Knewton Adaptive Learning Platform (

Math Readiness For College (


BYOD, or ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (or BYOC – BYO Computing) is gaining traction. It’s where staff and students want to bring their own electronic devices and connect to the work/provider network. How is this going? It raises some issues. Have a look at the links below;

CIO gets busy as Qantas embraces BYO devices

How to implement BYO Computing and why you should

A 4-Letter Acronym Sending CIOs Running Scared­‐BYOD

Future tech

There are always a lot of ideas about what technology will be like in the future. The couple of links below explore this:

Report offers peek into the future of tablet computing

‘bend desk’

‘Machines For Education’

The article below from ‘Fast Company’ discusses some of the pro’s and con’s of tech for the classroom;

So Many Machines For Education–So Little Money Or Time

Quick links 2

Some quick links about tech and learning:

E-Books Mature as Learning Tool

The Learning Experience as a Mobile Endeavor

All Generations Learn in the Cloud

New tech & the potential for change

The following links from Fast Company show how some new tech has the potential to change how we do things:

Amazon’s Kindle Fire Curates The Cloud

The I-Slate: A Low-Cost Tablet For Kids In The Developing World

With Siri Interface, Apple’s New iPhone Changes Mobile As We Know It