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39 Sites For Using iPads in the Classroom


‘iPad Curriculum’

‘iPad Curriculum’ is a blog about how iPad apps can be used as learning tools. See:

iPad Curriculum

I think this is a great example of the development that can occur once a device has been created. Once its built, people start looking at different ways it can be used, and now more and more people are starting to look at how tablets and mobile devices can be used for education (among other things).

To find more education iPad apps, try www.apple.com/education/apps/. For Android devices, see market.android.com/apps/EDUCATION

iPads for Kindy kids?

You may have heard that kindy kids in Auburn, Maine, USA, are all getting iPads. The idea seems to have its critics, for example, some of the mothers in the city don’t think it’s a good idea.

It raises a few questions, including when should kids have access to technology. One view seems to be that early access to tech might stifle development, while others seem to think that it will help the kids be more comfortable using technology.

Perhaps the best view would be to think of technology as an enabler. This way, the technology isn’t as important as what it can do. I was having a discussion with a mate the other day, and we were talking about how some are constantly connected to their phones. We wondered whether people should take a break from technology every now and then. I feel that the important part isn’t that they are always talking/texting/twittering, but that people can do so if they wanted to. The technology now allows people to connect with who they want to when they want to.

In the case of giving children at kindy an iPad, it doesn’t mean that the kids should only do ‘tech’ things. They should still be able to do all the other things that kids do at kindy, but now the tech becomes an enabler for them to do other things as well.

British Library resources

Access to resources can be an issue for trainers. However, there are plenty around if you know where to look, and now there are some more available at the British Library. They have announced that a large number of their older books will be available via iPad. See the links below for more information:

British Library launches iPad application fastcompany.com article

British Library press release

Re-defining the ‘cloud’?

We are not talking about the weather, but the technology ‘cloud’, where data can be accessed from any internet-enables device. Last week Apple made some announcements about their new ‘iCloud’ product. The article below provides some analysis of this announcement:

‘It just works’ Techcrunch.com article

The ‘cloud’ has the potential to have a big impact on learning and training, particularly in how content is transferred between educators and students. As students become more used to having quick and easy access to content, I think they are going to expect the same from their education providers.

Using iPads in Victorian schools

The Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development has some information for using iPads in schools. The links below provide further information;

iPads for Learning – 21 steps to 1-1 success

Apps to get things started

They also have a useful guide to how to use them safely:

iPad and Laptop safety