LORN to be decommisioned

The Learning Object Repository Network (LORN) is to be decommissioned. Some of the resources will be available from other repositories. The link below is to an article in the Flex e-News newsletter about this subject:

Flex e-News article

These resources are very useful for providers. The resources can be used as they are, or adapted. Check out the licence conditions for each resource when you download them. If you would like some help in downloading and/or adapting this type of content for use with your delivery platform(s), let me know.


‘Angry Birds’ as a learning tool

Many people have played the ‘Angry Birds‘ game, but does it provide opportunities for learning? Yes, according to a post on the iLearn Technology blog. See the post at the link below:

Using ‘Angry Birds’ to teach maths, history and science

The outcomes for the target group of learners seemed to be very good. Learning resources can be found almost anywhere!

‘Free’ university, free courses

Continuing with this aspect of free/DIY learning, some more links are below. The first two relate to a ‘tuition-free’ university (there are fees for application and examination processing):

University of the People

University of the People helping Haitians learn

The next two links are to free online courses:

MIT Open Courseware

The Open University

And then there is iTunes U, which contains “more than 350,000 free lectures, videos, films, and other resources — from all over the world.”

British Library resources

Access to resources can be an issue for trainers. However, there are plenty around if you know where to look, and now there are some more available at the British Library. They have announced that a large number of their older books will be available via iPad. See the links below for more information:

British Library launches iPad application fastcompany.com article

British Library press release